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    About Us

    Way back in 2009 we were one of the very first group texting services. We are proud to still be a leader in sms marketing. We are striving to...

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    Features are how we help you simplify and organize your communication. We are constantly working to develop new and improved tools that help you build relationships.

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    Why Should I?

    Text Messaging is the most popular form of communication. Many people consider phone calls to be intrusive, however text messages allow them to receive...

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    We may not be a University but let us teach you how to communicate more effectively. Training Videos, Documentation and Frequently Asked Questions are all available here.

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Why are they calling?Ugh... just text me

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Text Messaging has become the most popular form of communication, it's convenient and less intrusive than phone calls. Text messages can be read and replied to when taking a phone call or listening to a voicemail isn't possible. With teamtexting you can start a conversation with hundreds of people in an instant. Replies can be forwarded to your phone via text message and you can continue the conversation from there.

SMS Text Marketing is a great way to reach any customer or team member, but it's especially effective when communicating with younger demographics. Texting is the main form of communication for those under 50, communication via text message more than any other demographic, I mean it's not even close! According to a well respected research group, youth between 18 and 24 exchange around 110 text messages per day. That's more than 3,000 text messages per month! We think it's safe to say that text messaging is on the rise and we really hope that teamtexting helps you to connect with your customers in a way that is natural for them.

3 Reasons To Choose Us!

  • Relationshipsthe number 1 reason to choose us is relationshipsWe are told that the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. We're not trying to say that teamtexting is going to fulfill that for you. However, we do genuinely hope that it helps you build relationships so that you can love them as yourself even more.
  • Simple To Usenumber 2 reason to choose us is because we are simple to useWe strive to make things as simple and as user friendly as possible. We even make our pricing simple and straightforward. You pay one low monthly fee for unlimited messages, contacts and groups.
  • Powerful Featuresthe third reason to pick us is that we have powerful featuresWith our conversation view, you can easily manage all of your conversations. Use the dashboard widgets to get a quick overview of your data and schedule your text messages to be sent to whoever you want.