SMS marketing for small to mid-sized businesses.



Campaigns are fun ways to collect your customer’s information. You can either have them text in a keyword to start a campaign or share a link where they can add themselves. Every campaign by default collects your customer’s cell number so that you can message them later. You can also very easily collect additional information to store in their profile.

Web Form

This is by far our most popular and effective campaign type. You simply specify a keyword that will appear above your web form such as "birthdayclub". Then you simply select which of your profile fields you want to collect and click save campaign. You now have a link to your web form that you can share on social media, your website, in store or wherever works for your business and customers can easily fill out their entire profile. This is super popular because it allows you to collect more information in one easy step.

Keyword Campaigns

We have several types of keyword campaigns, all of which are initiated by the customer sending the keyword to your number.

Auto Response

Auto Response Campaigns allow you to automatically reply to your customer when they text in the campaigns keyword. You can ask the customer for additional information and have it stored in their profile.


Birthday's are such a common campaign we have included it by default, just have your customers text a keyword to your number like text "cake" to 888-616-5555 get some FREE cake on your birthday. The birthday campaign will then store their response in their birthday profile and when their birthday comes around we will automatically text them with your birthday offer.


Collecting your customer's information and building up their profile is a great way to really get to know your customer. Texlio makes this super simple to do by offering these various campaign types. One of the most fun is the Random campaign. A random campaign allows you to have your customers text a keyword to your number and then the system replies back with your instructions. For instance "Reply with your name like 'John Doe' to see if today is your lucky day!". When the customer replies you can specify what profile field to store the response in, so in this example we would store their response in a Name profile field. So we now have John Doe associated with his phone number. You can easily specify a random percentage of winners so that only a few have a lucky day and get some free dessert.

Pick A Number

One of the most simple games can also be a great way for you to gain additional subscribers. Simply have people text your keyword to your number and the campaign will reply with your custom number range such as "Pick a number between 1 and 100 to see if you win a FREE dessert, you only get 3 tries so choose wisely". Every guess is against a new randomly selected number within your number range.


This campaign allows you to create a set of trivia questions or use some of our pre-built trivia questions. When the customer texts in a specified keyword such as brainblast then they will receive a question such as "Guess what year we first opened to get access to our secret menu". You can specify the correct answer for each question and we will respond with your winning or losing message.