A picture of TeamTexting founder Logan Moore

TeamTexting Founder
Logan Moore

About Us

Way back in 2009 we were one of the very first church texting services and we are proud to still be a leader in ministry text messaging. We strive to provide quality tools and features at a reasonable price. Our mission is to help you build relationships with the people you serve. As society becomes increasingly tech savvy, the way we communicate evolves. Teenagers to grandmothers now have smartphones and the majority of them spend a lot of time on these devices exchanging text messages.

Webster defines a relationship as "the way in which two or more people or things are connected". We actually think that face to face is the most meaningful form of communication however sometimes that is just not possible. When it's not we often resort to text messaging and other forms of electronic communication. That's why we are continuing to build and improve our technology and features. We hope that TeamTexting is a tool that helps you build relationships and distribute information in an organized and effective manner.

How We Got Started

Our founder was leading a college ministry and needed an effective way to communicate with his students. At the same time, he was studying for a degree in Computer Information Systems (computer programming). The youth minister at his church suggested that he create a group texting service that would allow them to send and schedule text messages to their students. After a few days of coding, a very basic version of TeamTexting was launched.