Why Should I Send Text Messages

There are multiple reasons that we believe you should be sending text messages, continue reading as we explain why.

Texting is fast, convenient and has become a natural form of communication for most people. Text messages allow you to distribute information in seconds. Unlike email, text messages are often read within seconds instead of sitting in an inbox for hours before it's read.

We realize that email is no longer the way most people communicate. We now have multiple social media networks and millions of apps to choose from. Facebook and Twitter used to be a great way to distribute your information. However, with their need to increase profits they have to show more ads and by showing more ads, it means less people see your posts. In fact if you have 300 people that like your page or you are friends with 300 people, it doesn't mean that 300 people will see your post. In fact the number will be much lower than that.

What about those millions of apps to choose from? We haven't forgotten about those, who could forget about those! I mean there is an app for everything. Seriously though, there are a ton of communication apps and they are great except when they're not. They have several issues that you don't need or want to deal with when you are trying to get your information out. Not only does everyone that you want to receive your message have to have the same app, some apps only run on iPhones, others only run on Android devices. Then there are windows phones, blackberry and some other obscure devices that not many people use. Some of those phones don't even run apps.

There is one form of communication that all of these devices support, they support it because it's been around the longest. It's a standard and it's the most popular form of communication. No suprise here, it is of course text messaging. Texting is convenient because it can be read and replied to in social settings where a phone call may not be appropriate. People can refer back to it to see what time that pot luck dinner starts. Not to mention that it's cost effective and cool.

We really hope that you will start using text messaging in your communications and of course we hope that you choose us as your church texting service.