Text Message Abbreviations

If you don't already use these abbreviations, it's probably not going to make you look cool. It will probably just come across as lame and backfire. However, here is a small manageable list of text message abbreviations to help you decipher some of your conversations.

You can find overwhelming lists of text message abbreviations, but they're just too big.

1.) Are you actually going to remember what they all mean and how to use them?
2.) Are your users going to know what they mean?

This small list of abbreviations is for Church Text Messaging.

asap: As soon as possible
b4: Before
bbl: Be back later
btw: By the way
cuz: Because
cya: See ya
dk: Don't know
fwiw: For what it's worth
g2g: Got to go
gl: Good luck
gr8: Great
h8: Hate
howru: How are you
iccl: I couldn't care less
idk: I don't know
imho: In my humble opinion
jk: Just kidding
jtluk: Just to let you know
kit: Keep in touch
kwim: Know what I mean
l8: Late
lmk: Let me know
lol: Laugh out loud [or] lots of love
mtf: More to follow
ne1: Anyone
np: No problem
btw: by the way
pcm: Please call me
pls: Please
ppl: People
rotfl: Rolling on the floor laughing
ruok: Are you OK
sol: Sooner or later
sry: Sorry
sys: See you soon
thx: Thanks
ttyl: Talk to you later
w/o: Without
wrud: What are you doing
wuwh: Wish you were here
zzzz: Sleeping